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Out from Under You – First Excerpt!

Sophie-Swift--Out-From-Under-YouAugust 13 is getting closer by the day! And I’m SUPER excited to reveal the first ever full excerpt from the book!

I’ll continue to post excerpts and snippets as the release day gets closer, so if you don’t want to miss one, be sure to subscribe to my feed here. But I’m especially excited about showing you THIS one. This is from chapter 2 of OUT FROM UNDER YOU and it introduces you to the complex relationship between Lia, Grayson, and Lia’s older sister, Alex.

I hope you enjoy it! So without further ado, I give you…


Chapter Two



The day I met Grayson Walker eight years ago was a solid 9.5 on the Richter scale.

I remember the chasm that opened under my feet the first time I looked at him. The tremors that rippled through my body when he first touched me. I remember the fault lines that splintered and ruptured my poor, naïve heart when he chose my older sister instead of me.

Some might say I’m being overly dramatic. That I was never actually a viable choice—me being only fourteen at the time, and him being a whole three years older. Maybe Alex, in all of her seventeen years of womanhood and maturity, was the wise choice that night.

Maybe age was the only deciding factor.

But believing that would be just another lie.

Alex always won. It’s what she did best. She had, what I like to call, an abundance of mores.

More beautiful. More athletic. More popular. More sex appeal.


It’s a truth untold between any two sisters. A natural inequality that just happens without any specific rhyme or reason. Genetics don’t play on a normal distribution curve. God doesn’t evenly allocate desirable traits, diligently counting the score to assure fairness. Like two children divvying up a pile of Halloween candy.

Some people simply get the better candy.

It’s true Grayson was never mine to lose. And yet, somehow I lost him every single day of my life.

I lost the “hope” of him.

Every time his lips crushed against hers in the hallway of our high school. Every time I heard the moans of their teenage experimentation in the bedroom next to mine. Every time he promised to never leave her.

It was like having to reread the same sad ending to a disappointing book over and over again.

They were together off and on throughout their entire senior year. They would fight, break-up, then get back together in some dramatic showing before repeating the whole process again. I watched them shatter and fuse back together so many times I lost count.

It was no surprise when they both ended up attending NYU together. And their rocky relationship went with them.

That, at least, was somewhat of a reprieve.

I didn’t have to witness it every day. It was an echo of longing. A pain once removed. Decidedly better than the first-hand, front-row version.

Then, one day, their relationship ended for good.

Alex decided to stay in New York City after college, and Grayson decided to move to Washington D.C. And just like that, they were no more.

That was four years ago.

And I thought that I was finally set free from the heavy, iron chains of being unrequitedly in love with Grayson Walker.

But that’s the thing about earthquakes. Just when you think they’re over, just when you start to feel safe again, that’s when the aftershock hits. And the foundation you thought was finally stable enough to stand on is suddenly crumbling beneath your feet.


Soooo. What did you all think? I hope you’ll share your feedback in the comments!

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First Snippet of OUT FROM UNDER YOU!

Wahoo! I reached 100 followers on Twitter and as promised, I’m releasing the FIRST ever snippet from my new book OUT FROM UNDER YOU!

*cue nervous, jittery, giddy, anxious, fluttering feeling in my stomach*

I SOOOO hope you guys like it!

Here it is!


“Because it seems like every time you’re around I somehow always need to be rescued!” My soft, tentative whispers have turned into throaty, breathy cries. “Because I’m like some perpetual damsel in distress who always needs saving.”

When I finish, he just stares at me, his gaze soft and searching. Then a reticent smile makes its way to his lips.

“I like saving you,” he admits quietly.

Of all the things I was expecting him to say in response to my tirade, this was certainly not one of them.


He takes another step toward me. His proximity is intoxicating. Stronger proof than any alcohol. More debilitating than any drug.

“I said,” he replies, his voice deliberate. Measured. “I like saving you.”



So, what did you all think? I’ll release another snippet soon! In the meantime, don’t forget to add the book on Goodreads!

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