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Contest Winners!

Hi all! Sorry for my delayed absence. I’ve had a few personal things pop up that I had to take care of. I’m well aware that owe you all some prizes! I hosted two giveaways in the past few months (one for the OUT FROM UNDER YOU blog tour and one for the CAUGHT UP IN YOU cover reveal!) I’m posting both giveaway widgets here with the winners! I’ll also email the winners to send you your prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Again sorry for the delay!





Sophie-Swift--Caught-Up-In-You-800x1200WAHOOO!!! My new novella, CAUGHT UP IN YOU, told from Bartender Blake’s point of view is now LIVE on Kindle and Nook for only 99 cents!

This was not a story I intended to write. That is, until I saw the fan reaction to Blake’s character in OUT FROM UNDER YOU. For many, he was a favorite! That’s when I knew that I had to explore him deeper. So I decided to write a short story from his perspective. And DAMN, did I have fun doing it! Blake came alive to me in the writing of this book. He was funny, sarcastic, witty, and so deliciously flirty! I fell in love with him. So THANK YOU to all the fans who expressed their love for him early on. Otherwise, I may never have gotten to spend this time with him!

Although CAUGHT UP IN YOU is technically a companion novel to OUT FROM UNDER YOU, I wrote it so that anyone can enjoy it, regardless of whether you’ve read the first book.

So without further ado, I introduce you to BLAKE THOMAS!

Meet him today!

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Announcing: CAUGHT UP IN YOU (a novella from Blake’s POV!)

When I wrote OUT FROM UNDER YOU, I was pretty sure there would be mixed reactions about the characters and their choices through the story. And I was right! But what I wasn’t expecting was the overwhelming outpouring of love (and swooning) for the secondary character of Blake, the sexy bartender that works in Lia’s restaurant. I’m SO happy that you guys liked him!

In fact, I was so inspired by your love for Blake that I decided to write a whole novella from his point of view!

Ahem! Introducing…


A Smart Girls Finish First Novella!

And let me tell you, once I started writing from Blake’s perspective, I got really hooked. I kinda fell in love with him…like…a LOT! And I hope you guys will have as much fun reading his story as I have had writing it!

The cover (which is pretty damn steamy, if I don’t say so myself!) will be revealed on September 23 and the novella will be available for purchase on October 15!

But for now, might I tease you with this shmexy blurb???


Blake Thomas knows exactly why women want to sleep with him. He’s a sexy, twenty-six-year-old bartender with nothing to lose and confidence to spare.

Then Blake meets twenty-two-year-old Lia Smart, the owner of the restaurant where he’s just been hired. Lia is different from Blake’s usual conquests. She’s beautiful, shy, and guarded, with just a hint of loneliness in her eyes. The only problem is, Lia refuses to see Blake as anything more than just a flirtatious bartender.

But everything changes when Lia’s sexy and assertive older sister, Alex, comes back into town. Alex and Lia have always had a complicated relationship, made even more complicated by the fact that they are clearly in love with the same man. Before long, Blake finds himself the pawn in a high stakes game of forbidden love and dangerous emotions, caught between two sisters who could both easily break his heart.

CAUGHT UP IN YOU is a companion novella to be enjoyed before or after reading OUT FROM UNDER YOU, or as a stand-alone story. 

*Contains adult language and situations*


Interested in reading CAUGHT UP IN YOU? Then be sure to add it to your Goodreads list by clicking here! 

Keep watching this space as I’ll be posting some snippets as we get closer to release! And keep your eyes peeled for the saucy cover on September 23!

Thanks again for all your support of the book! This novella WOULD NOT be in existence without you guys!




USA TODAY! And Labor Day Weekend Price Drop!

You GUYS! I can’t believe how cool this is! USA TODAY’s awesome romance blog, Happy Ever After featured me and the book! I talked about my top three favorite love songs (which, believe me, was impossible to narrow down!)

But check me out with that gorgeous USA Today logo at the top! SQUEEEEE!!!

ALSO! I’ve decided to celebrate Labor Day weekend with a price drop for OUT FROM UNDER YOU!

Right now, for a limited time, you can meet Lia and Grayson and enjoy their love story for only 99 cents! (£ 0.77 in the UK!)

WOOT! Steaminess for less!

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(This price drop is only available on Nook and Kindle. Sorry!)

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! Enjoy the schmexiness!