Out from Under You



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“Love is an earthquake. It comes when you least expect it. It rips the ground clear away. Right out from under you.”

The day Lia Smart met Grayson Walker, eight years ago, was the day she fell helplessly in love with him. Coincidentally, it was the same day Grayson fell in love with someone else: Lia’s smarter, sexier, superior-in-every-way older sister, Alex.

Now, nearly a decade later, Alex and Grayson are long over and twenty-two-year-old Lia has finally managed to forget all those lonely nights she spent pining after her sister’s boyfriend. But when Grayson unexpectedly arrives back in town with Alex for Labor Day weekend and the two announce that they’re not only back together but engaged, all the feelings that Lia buried suddenly come bubbling back to the surface.

But Lia is no longer the awkward, gangly tomboy she was at fourteen. Far from it. And Grayson is conflicted by the lustful thoughts he’s now having for her. He knows he could never act on those thoughts, however. Grayson has always prided himself on being one of the “good guys.” But as the weekend wears on, he’s finding this new grown-up version of Lia more and more impossible to resist…

Heartbreaking and sexy with a dash of humor, Sophie Swift crafts a passionate, unforgettable tale about desire, growing up, and the kind of love that shakes us to the core.

**Contains adult situations and explicit content. Recommended for ages 17+

The first book in a sexy new adult romance series!

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 New Adult Romance
Publication: August 13, 2013
Series: Smart Girls Finish First #1

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Out from Under You (Smart Girls Finish First #1)


Out From Under You is a MUST READ for the summer! I loved this book so very much. Sophie Swift has certainly gained a fan in me, and I look forward to reading more of her books! I will also say that I will never look at a tomato the same way again, and that I now have a new favorite phrase… ‘Kitchen Porn!'”
- Romance Addiction (5 Stars)

“Sophie Swift created one heck of a novel! She definitely had my emotions running high, loving Lia and Grayson, despising Alex with a passion and had me going against what I knew was wrong but feeling it was exactly right. Out from Under You was sensational, I beyond loved it.”
- Words, Pages, and Books (5 Stars)

“Brilliant! The writing was excellent, great pacing, great use of flashbacks and POV’s to let this story unfold…If you can handle some drama with your love story I HIGHLY recommend Out from Under You! Sophie Swifts writes a beautifully tragic, angst filled love story that really stuck with me days after reading.” (4.5 Stars)
- The Blushing Reader

“So, let me just tell you again… I could not put this down. Every second I had to know what was going to happen next. Not sure if you’ve gathered this or not but this book rocks! All of the characters will take a piece of your heart! Seize it!! EMBRACE it own it go on get your read on!! Get this book asap! I mean it!”
- A Bookish Escape (4.5 Stars)

“You will be hooked from the first page!  Lots and lots of drama.  Sophie does an amazing job alternating the different POV’s between Lia and Grayson.  I loved hearing both sides of the story. Oh, and there’s this pretty hot restaurant scene in the book.  I will not give you the details of who is involved and what happens so you need to read it!  I promise you won’t regret it! I didn’t want this book to end!”
- Ashley’s Book Corner (4.5 Stars)

“This book is sublime! Sophie Swift has just gained a spot on my automatic buy list. Ms. Swift has such a refreshing voice, she does not write with rose-colored glasses on and her story has a much more realistic tone to it than most books these days.”
- Same Book, Different Review (4.5 Stars)