4 More Days and a Snippet!

Sophie-Swift--Caught-Up-In-You-800x1200What the WHAT!??? I can’t believe CAUGHT UP IN YOU, my new Smart Girls Finish First novella releases in only 4 days!!! How is this possible?

In case you’re as impatient as I am right now, I thought I’d send you off into the weekend with a fun new snippet from the novella. Are you ready?

Remember, this book is from bartender Blake’s POV.

Okay, here we go….


She didn’t blink. Her eyes stayed locked into mine and, like a small zap of electricity, I felt the shift.

The fall.

After seducing enough women, you just start to know when you’ve succeeded.

When the race is won. There’s a tipping point. A precipice. And you can feel when they collapse over the edge of it.

Some women—like Lia—fight so hard and for so long to stay on that edge. They dig in their heels and scrape their fingernails against the dirt, like they’re hanging on for dear life.

Other women are willing to jump over the edge the second you say their name with any amount of urgency.

But I could feel the moment Lia slipped. And I was so desperate to keep her on my side of the divide, so determined to make sure she didn’t manage to crawl back to her safe zone, I barely even noticed the third person who’d appeared at the side of the booth.


What do you guys think???

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