Out from Under You is LIVE (plus snippet!)

Out from Under You 3dOh. My. GOD! I can hardly believe it! My first book, OUT FROM UNDER YOU is finally LIVE to the world!!!

I’m super excited to be sharing Lia and Grayson’s story with you all!

Here are some download links for you:





It will be available for Nook soon but B&N  is a little slower so I’m hoping to have that link s in the next day.

Meanwhile, here’s a celebratory snippet from the book!



The walls of my house are thinner than they look. Throughout freshman year of high school, I would lie awake at night and listen to them fight. They thought they were being quiet. Whispering heated pleas (Grayson) and lobbing hushed insults (Alex). But I could always hear it.

I used to silently pray that this fight would be the last one. That it would all end after tonight. I would dream up scenarios in my head where Grayson would storm out of Alex’s room, all flushed and angry and hopped up on testosterone. He would slam the back door on his way out and I would tiptoe out of my room, down the stairs, and find him on the beach behind our house, where he taught me how to play rugby that first summer.

He would be standing in the sand, staring up at the moon over the ocean, letting the fury evaporate off of him into the thick winter air.

Then I would slowly approach, careful not to startle him. He’d turn around, take one look at me and march determinedly in my direction, his rage melting into passion with every step. When he reached me, he’d grab my face fiercely between both hands, not even bothering to be gentle, and crush his lips against mine. Pull my body into his. Mold his fingertips into the back of my head, compelling me closer. He’d force my mouth wide open and push his tongue inside. Tasting me. Drowning me.


I hope you guys enjoy the book!



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